Wednesday, March 16, 2005

high school theory

i used to have this theory in high school that meditation is better than drinking, etc. back then i didn't meditate and really knew nothing about it. so actually it was a hypothesis. but now, with experience and being able to see and feel the difference of my life before and after meditation- WOW- really, it's much, much more kickass than i could've ever imagined.

if i began to list the things that it has helped me improve i couldn't finish... and to think i came of as a secure and positive person... my, my... appearances can be deceiving. i might have tried to see the light in everything and was usually more attracted by a more convenient outlook on life, but now, after i've had the chance to become so much of a better person, is that i realize that i wasn't really happy or ok with many things. it took so much effort to continue to smile on the outside and always talk about the positive. and i used to distract people with my pink, blue, purple, green, red (and whatever other color) hair.

but no. life is not just the positive, it's the negative as well. the bad thing is not to have things to work on, it's not working on them. so i thank God everyday for my being able to make a theory out of that high school meditation idea. it's been so worth it, and everyday i see the difference, an improvement. there's an endless amount of things i am grateful for.

now, when i smile or talk about the positive, it's simply because that's what's in me. i don't have to deeply and heavily search through loads of garbage to try and hang on by a fragile thread to a better idea. it surprises me, really. and there's no better proof than living it yourself.

ojala y pudiera darle aunque sea un glimpse a por lo menos una persona del bien que a mi me ha hecho. those who know me can testify about the changes. bueno, es tanto asi que mi papa decidio probarlo y comenzo hace unos meses. y ya no esta peleando en las mañanas!

(esta tecnica es milenaria, traida de la india por Swami Guru Devanand. el dejo instructores formados en nuestro pais. para informacion pueden llamar al Centro Cultural Yoga Devanand 472-0102. cualquier cosa estoy a la orden.


RP said...

ese telefono es del de la Churchill o donde Canelo?
Tu trabajas alla?
si vas a mi profile ahí está mi mail.
Gracias por responderme.

Chelle said...


El telefono (472-0102) es del Centro que estaba en la Churchill y ahora se mudo a Evaristo Morales. Ahi esta la oficina de la Lic. Marcia Joga. El del Dr. Canelo es el 688-8778.

Realmente no "trabajo" alla. Doy clases de Hatha Yoga y colaboro con algunas cosas, pero es un servicio voluntario.

Comparto esto simplemente porque ha sido muy bueno para mi.

Espero que te sirva!