Saturday, April 02, 2005

the passing of an exemplary man

my best wishes to the ex-pope, and a good trip home.

as one divine priest said, it is a moment to rejoice about his exemplary life, about him fulfilling his mission in such an inspiring way, and, most of all, because now he will meet face to face with the One he has been working for all these years.

his life was truly awesome. many minutes of silence should be offered to bid him, with highest respect, farewell.

he said the point of life is not seek or achieve wellbeing/comfort, it is to be happy despite whatever life situation you are encountering. the point is not for things to be easy or pleasant, it's for us to learn how to be happy anyway.

and he knew about suffering and tough situations better than many of us in this world.

and he was happy.

and so can we. in sincere and innocent gratefulness I say "a Dios".

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