Tuesday, April 19, 2005


to you, one of the most beautiful beings i know
to you, who can see the light during tough hours
to you, who are exemplary to me everyday more
to you, who are walking the path i'd like to follow

for teaching me that everyday i can be a bit better than yesterday
reminding me that no matter how difficult a challenge is presented
there's always something inspiring to learn within the experience of it
some positive outlook that can be chosen
some important lesson that will be useful later in life
and that the big difference is not in the circumstances that appear
but in how we take these, and what we make of them

for knowing that there is much more to life than these appearances
and going beyond judgement of yourself and others
and trying to love everyone everyday more
simply for who they are and not what they should be
despite individual differences

for inspiring me to breathe deeply and calmly
regardless of the hectic breaths around me
reassuring me that it's perfectly OK to treat myself extremely well
even though i might be swimming in an ocean of unnecessary stress
being an expression of alternatively better living

for accepting more and more that you are not perfect at all
and showing me that this is, too, entirely fine and fine with you
accepting with such dignity and grace the things you do not yet do
as you would wish to, healing the perfectionist in you
(which has caused you so much pain)

to you...
whom i love
whom i admire
whom i thank beyond thoughts or words or actions
for being there for me every second of every hour of every day
to you... who are actually me. :)


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