Saturday, May 07, 2005

my first bumper sticker

This week i got the first sticker that goes on my car... no es uno de OM ni de paz ni nada por el estilo... it's a limited edition from "BONCHE". Para los que no saben, es la pagina mas apera de actividades. :P Y no digo eso porque sea de mi hermano. See for yourself.

Pero asi como hay un primer bumper sticker, todo en la vida tiene su primera vez. (I'm sure all of you are getting some interesting memories right now.) Anyway, coming back to the blog, it's interesting how there's that mix of apprehension to approach the unknown, and at the same time that excitement to embark in a new adventure. And this happens with every significant change.

It takes courage to try new things, to change your life, to dare to make better choices. And it is normal to have some doubts, but if we let these freeze and hold us back, we're never going to make much of a difference. It's time to step up and kiss those fears and let them know you're OK with facing them. Anyway we've proven once and again that those things we were so nervous about turned out not being such a difficult deal at all. I mean, today we ride bikes, we swim, we drive, we have sex, we tell people we love them... many, many things we didn't do before. Some, of course, still bring that little rush- but it's definitely worth to try them.

Of course, all this deepness does not apply to the bumper sticker.


Siouxsie said...

I love new beginings, and I love bumper stickers, so this is a great analogy michers!!

Chelle said...

jiji... ay si, hay que variar... ma cul que se ve el sticker :P