Tuesday, June 14, 2005

THEY'RE BACK and Better Now!

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This is my absolute favorite band! I had been waiting for something after their awesome Blender album (I didn't get 7 Year Itch because I have the albums of the songs it compiles.) But they were on vacation. I checked their site, checked for concerts and nothing. So after a while I sort of thought they had retired.

A few days ago they popped into my head, I went to their site and YES! They're back! Not with one, but two albums: Youth, and From the Ground Up (an acoustic compilation of their most awesome songs.) Isn't that lovely?

This is from their site:

After four years out of the public eye, Collective Soul singer Ed Roland has a message for the world. “Let the word out/I gotta get it out. Whoa, I’m feeling better now,” he declares in “Better Now,” the energetic rocker that launches Youth, the Georgia rockers’ first studio album since 2000’s Blender.

Following a tumultuous four years, Ed says, “There were a lot of things that just kind of slapped us upside the head and told us it was time to take a break” – the band is indeed back, reenergized, thanks in part to co-producer Dexter Green and new guitarist Joel Kosche, and, in the words of both Roland brothers, “Starting over.”

Which makes Youth a very fitting title for the new album. “Youth to me is a mindset, not a number,” Ed says. “We’ve been doing this for ten years and we’ve never felt more youthful and more ready to be in the position that we’re in.” “Even the music represents that starting over to some degree. We switched gears and went to more of our roots on the music level and production level,” Dean adds. “It does feel like a 10-year cycle, we were just starting out, playing similar venues and seeing people that we’re seeing today. Yeah, it definitely feels like we are starting over on many levels, but starting over with a big head start.”

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