Monday, July 18, 2005

One or Many Lives?

If you see a blue wall, do you ask another person: "Do you believe that wall is blue?"

Very unlikely, because it is simply blue.

I wonder... Why is the question: "Do you believe in reincarnation?"

Maybe it should be: "Are you aware of reincarnation?"

Or: "Do you accept reincarnation?"

Just a thought.


lccb144 said...

I think I understand what you are saying... but then again, I'm not sure that I know what I feel about reincarnation, or heaven or hell for that matter, or "life after death" so would the same thing apply to all of those things? Are you aware of heaven? And then would the follow up question might be- If you are aware what does (reincarnation, heaven, etc.) mean to you?

Gabs said...

Thing is that blue wall is a tangible thing, very few would question. For more abstract concepts where questions of belief, spirituality and religion have a place, then things can get very messy and all over the place.

Chelle said...

That's true about the abstract... that's why they say the two things that spike up a heated discussion are religion and politics.

I know many people have different opinions on the subject, and a lot of that stuff isn't taught, and was taken out of the Bible, etc. it's just interesting stuff.

About heaven or hell, I think there are more internal, rather than a place you would go. I think there are endless things to do in the universe and evolution is an ongoing process... imagine souls being stuck in one place for eternity when there is so much to do...

And we all know the "lights don't just go out" when people die, because we've heard many things that confirm this... there is conscience without a body.

Eduardo Suero said...

Hey Michers! I agree with gabs. The blue wall is definitely a palpable thing. Why would I ask myself if I accept reincarnation if I've never seen anything that gives me a hint as to whether there is such a thing (which I don't believe there is)?

Besides, you can even debate about the existance of the blue wall if you want to get into an existentialism debate. But let's leave The Matrix for some other time.

What makes humanity interesting is that each individual has freedom of thought. Doesn't mean that everything you think about is tru or correct, simply means that you have the choice of believing whatever you want, and even persuade others to follow your ideas. Where it gets wrong is when you try to enforce your thoughs upon someone else and you reject any other train of thought that collides with your own conception about reality.

By the way, what's up? :)

Chelle said...

Yes, that is the beauty of the way God made us... free will. Not even angels have it. Why do humans...?

There are tons of things that exist that we can't see... And thank God we can't, since we're having such a tough time with what we can. :)

But, I am in total agreement about being open and respectful. You don't have to think a certain way, but you don't have to insult those that think differently. Everyone has the right to be.

And you're right E, you could say the blue wall doesn't exist. It's relative.

Reincarnation does, the way I see it. And there's tons on Earth that shows about it, it's been put away. For example, the excerpts from the Bible. They locked them up in the Vatican's library because people were starting to live wrecklessly claiming that they'll become responsible in the next life.

You don't have to accept that as truth though, you can go on living and be happy and everything else without adding this to your list of beliefs.

We'll one day get to see what's what when we leave our bodies anyway.

(Nice to read you by the way! Todo bien, y tu?)