Friday, August 26, 2005

The 3 Effects of Thoughts

Maybe I should rename my blog to “thoughts are things.” Because they are.

Everything begins as a thought. The universe, the lightbulb, this computer, the future’s computer, your career, relationships, experiences, our blog posts... you’re smart, you get the point. Every single thing. Thoughts are the beginning of things. They are the things, in a more subtle expression.

Thoughts... are things! Yet it’s so unremarkable how we can be so irresponsible with our thinking.

Oh, so what? This just goes on inside my head. Nobody knows what I’m thinking. And it doesn’t hurt anybody. Right?

Wrong. We’re constantly creating...

We’ve all heard these phrases:
  • What goes around comes around.

  • You reap what you sow.

  • Be careful what you wish for.
Because… everything begins as a thought. And somewhere inside, we all know this.

  • It doesn’t just go on inside our heads.

  • Some people do know what you’re thinking (starting with your own self, and God.)

  • It can hurt. Or help!
You see, thoughts, all thoughts- short, long, sweet, ugly- have 3 cascade effects.

Let’s take an example. I’m driving, another car cuts me off, making me slam the breaks, and I think “^%@&^%)#&%!”

The Effects

They affect the producer of the thoughts, the thinker. In this case, me. All that negativity flows through all of me, it becomes me, it affects the working of my cells, the feelings in my heart, the other thoughts that will come after, and, of course, my mood. (Going deeper, I am sowing greater crap to come further in my life.)

They affect the object of the thoughts. In this case, the other driver. Yes, they do. That will have an impact on the way the person feels about him or herself. And if it’s a bad effect, that means I’m sowing even more crap to come further in my life. (How do you think you can perceive when someone doesn’t like you just by looking at you? Or love you, by a simple stare? Thoughts are sent. We don’t need word-by-word telepathy to feel.)

They affect the rest of the universe. Yups. In this case, the rest of the universe. Duh. We’ve heard about the ripple effect, chain reactions, the law of karma, etc. It does happen. And if we’re adding ugly things to all of life, even more crap to our crap-to-make-up-for account. And the universe, my friends, is very exact in this charging.

Now imagine all of this with a positive example. Suppose I love someone. First, I will be experiencing, feeling, becoming this love. It affects me positively, and I am in a state of greater good, which will help me do more good. Second, the object of my affection is also boosted. Third, I add to the love energy in all the universe, adding to the grandeur of life, helping more people that I possibly don't even know to feel more love. And I am sowing lots of love, 3 way, so I will reap more love in the future.

It’s so remarkable how we can help ourselves and others with responsible thinking, knowing that we’re constantly creating…


Gabriela said...

Funny... I met this person the other day, she was standing on the street, giving hugs at random. How do you think it will affect the ppl she hugged.. they will go to their jobs / classes / homes feeling better, even smiling, and that smile given to a stranger will have another effect...

It's so incredible how one little thing can reach so many...

Chelle said...

wow, that's very nice :)

yups, the good ripple goes on...

iliana... said...

we should all practice possitive thinking.
I remember this quote I read from Buddha, well i had a vague idea.. i had to look for it

"We are formed and molded by our thoughts. Those whose minds are shaped by selfless thoughts give joy when they speak or act. Joy follows them like a shadow that never leaves them."

there are many more on the topic, buddha was a wise man.

Chelle said...

buddha's training was all yoga! and then he left to spread out what he learned.

a few things today are different, in buddhism, but that's where it originally came from.