Monday, August 29, 2005

Back @ Work

And I'm back in my office. It's not like it's been too long, I had to come on Saturday. Yups, I was called during my vacation to come and do something that had to be ready for this week. First I came on Friday afternoon, but the staff I had to supervise to do the job had left, and they'd be back the next morning. So I spent 2 hours of my precious Saturday morning making sure that it got done. But it did, and it looked very nice when I came in today.

The rest of my weekend was fabulous. Most of it was spent rehearsing for a show we have on Friday, and that was super cool. I'm officially playing guitar in a concert for the first time!!! I've always sung while others played. I'm playing harder things than I'm used to as well. It's only 3 songs though. But it's funny cus one of my Yoga instructors is playing with us and he started playing the songs and I was like, "It sounds beautiful, but that's too hard for me, I can't play like that."

He just ignored the comment and continued with the rehearsal... and I had to catch up. Minutes later I was playing the songs, and when another guitarrist wanted to learn 'em, he's like, "Ask her, she knows."

And I did! I learned the songs! Which made me wonder: Why did I doubt that I could do it when someone else didn't? How many other things do I do that with?

Oh, I also got asked out by someone I said no to (and would never say yes to).

I also had a few very pleasant conversations. And many laughs.

Vacation was great. And now, I'm glad I'm back. There's always a challenge to face here. It keeps me in good mental shape.


Gabs said...

I find it funny how people around us sometimes have a better idea of what we are capable of than even ourselves. It happens to me all the're freaked out about something, but then you have to do it and you just do, and you might even be great at just never had the guts to go for it before. Best of luck at the concert Mich!

Chelle said...

i knowww, it feels great when you break through that!


iliana... said...

if we believed in ourselves a little bit more, if we would not fear to give it a try, we could so much greater things. I guess we learn to do this with time.

Chelle said...

yups, and sadly most of the time we choose the hard way.