Thursday, August 11, 2005

Beautiful Men

Este era un draft que tenia desde el 6 de julio, pero no lo habia posteado pk no tenia las fotos... luego me encuentro que en estos dias Connection Girl salta con un post similar, titulado "Crushes". Aki va...

These are famous men I've thought to be good looking at one point or another...

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Mel Gibson (What Women Want)
Hmm... this is a man. I thought he was beautiful in Forever Young, before he got old.

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Elijah Wood (The Lord of the Rings I, II, III)
Remember The Cranberries' Dreams video? The kid who was running around? He was also in Forever Young with Gibson, but he was still a kid... then again, so was I.

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Matthew McConaughey (How to Lose a Guy In Ten Days)
Going back to the obscure Contact days... when he played Father Joss...

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Tom Cruise (War of the Worlds)
Not in the Top Gun days though, he's the kind that gets more attractive with age. But with all that crazy talk he's been doing lately... Anyhow, that's still a great pic.

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Ewan McGregor (Star Wars I, II, III)
I've always thought he's really cool, and how his work is not necessarily commercial. His roles have been quite versatile. Loooved his work on Trainspotting. And singing on Moulin Rouge.


annush said...

MAtthew...excellent choice!!

Chelle said...

jiji, gracias. e cute el, ese flirty look que tiene... :P

Libélula said...

Ummm...Matthew!!! They're all gorgeous, but he's got something...i dunno if it's the accent or the dimples, but he's irresistible!!!

andrea said...

a mi encantan todos lo que elejiste

Anonymous said...

hey! que paso con Dr_Zeuss????
te faltó!

Chelle said...

si, si, tienen buen gusto chicas! :P

hahaha. doc, eh... um... errr... es que cuando postee eso no te conocia...! ... (did it work?)

Anonymous said...

well you must post a follow up then.
Like, Beautiful Men Reloaded.

Chelle said...


susubala said...

3rd one supposed to be the right choice..