Thursday, August 18, 2005


I posted about this a few days ago, and "coincidentally" I visited a blog for the first time and its author had a similar post. Then last night, at the Yoga center, one of our instructors spoke about the same topic.

There is a famous saying in Spanish that goes, "La vida no es color de rosa." (Life is not rosy pink.)

Who says? And who's life are we talking about?

Initially, our lives are a huge colorless canvas with the potential to be anything we want, please, decide, or work for. We are continously and eternally shaping our realities into what we would have them be, or not. No one else can paint our life for us- not others, not circumstances- heck, not even God does it. Why do you think we have free will? So others can will our will for us? That wouldn't make any sense.

Depending on our intelligence, awareness, consciousness, spiritual level or whatever you want to call any of this, is that we will choose how to paint what can be a masterpiece or piece of (you can fill in the blank here.)

Last night the instructor told us a story about how the art of stained glass came to be. During the long cold months of Europe, all people could see as they looked out the window was somewhat depressive, gray and dull. No sunlight or colors adorned their views, so instead of simply sighing and wishing for the sight to change, they brought the colors to their own homes by painting the glass. They didn't have to accept that the view was simply gloomy, or that as their fate. No, they used their creativity to improve a situation which brought beauty into the picture, making life more pleasant for themselves.

Today this well-known art is the highlight of home entrances, cathedrals, lamps, and other decorative details.

Life is our own glass window. How will we choose to paint it? What color(s) do I want my life to be? The color of life... depends on me.


Gabs said...

that's such a beautiful story mich! It's true...even though there may be a little rain outside my window right now I can always paint my signature suns and moons on em ;)

Anonymous said...

yes, it is beautiful

Chelle said...

thanks! i thought so too, and the way she told it, and how she elaborated on the fact that we are not helpless... that, on the contrary, we've all the choices to make... it was simply inspiring.

gabs, it's the same one u met in NY :)

arjuna's dilemma said...


Shirazi said...

Yes, I agree here. Let us paint brighter colours. Great post.

vAgue said...

that's a nice story there....simple and beautiful. It is tough, to always look at life that way, but then who said it's easy? [or who siad its pink, or not?!:)]

Chelle said...

thanks, shirazi! let's, definitely!

vague- you're right, no one said it's supposed to be easy, and so what? that doesn't mean we can't deal with it. it's our choice to make it lighter or tougher!

that reminds me of coldplay's scientist...