Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Juntadera Yoga

This was the best farewell party I've been to, which did not seem like a farewell at all, more like any other time we get together- good food, good drinks, good company. Detached, but much enjoyed sharing.

It's funny that I am writing this on a Google sponsored blog, since the friend of ours that is moving works at Microsoft. :P

The Drinks - Alcohol Free Wine (Sparkle & Casa Alta)

The Food - Baked Falafels (Instead of Fried)




Se ve bueno eso

Chelle said...

Estaba ricow! :P

Alex Vinter said...

What a vegetarian fiesta!!! Your sooo healthy!! Falafels are great. Do you eat that meat substitute stuff?? My sister loves that stuff...

Chelle said...

green it was! and, yes, they are yummy!

i do, i need my protein! though i wouldn't call it meat sub, just vegetable protein, from soy and gluten or any product derived from these (soy milk or cheese, tofu, etc.)

but i don't eat that everyday because also brown or basmati rice with beans provides complete protein.

about the flavor- it's in the seasoning (just like cooked meat), and where does that come from? plants! :P

iliana... said...

i have never tried baked falafels.. but hmmm sounds good, i love falafels.. yummy yummy, yo quiero ahora.