Thursday, September 15, 2005

naf eht stih tihs eht nehW

I’ve got writer’s block.

It’s very easy to smile and be happy when everything’s cool... When everything’s flowing... When everything’s nice… And, in essence, everything is… perfect… Just the way it should be for me to learn the things I need to learn… for me to put in practice those positive (me, keep that in mind, please) outcomes I can create for challenging situations.


It’s just so unbelievable. How does life know exactly what we need? Even if it doesn’t appear to be so, it’s like every situation I am facing these days requires of me to bring to the surface some inner quality that needs polishing… Far from this being cruel and unfair, life is actually doing me a favor. I have the chance to grow so much right now… if I take this the right way I couldn’t even begin to say how much trouble I can save myself from in the future… Everything is just the way it should be.

So, why the block?

Hmm… there’s just one little thing. And that’s in me. Something I need to face… something I need to make the effort to get beyond. The trickiest part is that the way to go about that is not to focus on that at all, but on everything better that I can provide. Sounds simple. You wanna fix that? Then don’t focus on it. Focus on everything better. Hmm.

Ah, the challenges… Love the challenges.

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