Monday, September 12, 2005


sadness abounds in hearts near me
but are they near? or are they sad?
i've sensed both but
that is still to be deciphered
i wish for love and light for them to find
that happiness and completeness flows from within
although we are taught so desperately to seek without
understand in part what they mean
but hope not to relate
look to learn of what's in
that we can share outside
not try to steal the things from out
and stash them in our hearts
meaning happiness
it cannot come from another
although with another it can be shared
and even learned about
but really
no one is mine to take
i am no one's to give
i am mine and god's
each is owned by each and each alone
and from us
we decide what
to bring to the surface
which waves to crash which waves
which messages to give

always interested in the best interest
in upholding honesty
and embracing health
in admitting and making the choice
that won't hurt ourselves or others
even though making it might hurt, ha!

the best i wish for the healing hearts
around me
the gladness pours for the mending ones
get up.


iliana... said...

i wish everyone would understand that...

Chelle said...

u said it:

u WISH! haha

expecting it would be idealistic thinking...

everyone's still beautiful though, regardless