Friday, September 02, 2005

Tear Anniversary

Today many difficult situations are arising. Some affect me directly, others are unexpected events that have occured to those around me, and yet others involve people in distant lands. Still all have some effect in the atmosphere. And it makes me think... yes, on days like today I like to think... and not talk much...

I wonder, even if things are hard or a pain or an obvious nuisance, do we have to helplessly react so strongly and negatively?

Do we have to become angry for everything that does not go according to our idealistic ideas of what is ideal?

Do we have to resign to sobs of desperation and a narrowed vision misleading us to think there's no way out of this, or that life isn't precious?

Do we have to choose to insult and degrade and hurt and reject others who do not think like us?

Come on... we have the right to feel bad and angry and everything else. But is that all we have to give? Is that all we are capable of feeling? Are we simply automatic reactors to situations?

If so, we are not really human... we're limiting ourselves to being puppets. And we have the ability to be so much more dignified.

Are we choosing correctly?

Then, on the other hand, we're equally as puppeteered when we choose to smile and be happy if and only if we're flattered, if everything goes the way we want it to, if things are easy, if your lover says exactly what you want to hear, if you get a raise, if you get a thank you after doing a favor. Only when such things happen is that you can smile? We all know things don't always go as planned already, so could you say that again....?

Are we willingly limiting ourselves???

I question us... and our animal-like, blind, automated responses.

We have a mind. We have free will. But are we really using either...


iliana... said...

woo.. i have experienced that, the understanding of life and myself, and how i am a part of everything.

And i couldnt agree more, with what you say on reactions, I believe we have to be happy, sentirnos llenos, adentro, with ourselves.. not with things that are outside.

JEFM said...

You have a nice blog!

I'll visit it from time to time.

Take care, Jon

Kandy said...