Wednesday, September 21, 2005


If you didn't know, today is the International Day of Peace.

There have been lots of "tips" on how to add to peace on Earth, however they all seem to be focused on the outside.

Be respectful to others, be kind to your environment... things like that- which are all great and valuable...


If we do not make changes inside, we won't be able to apply these things and contribute to something as wonderful as peace, really.

So, for this day in which something so amazing is being appreciated, I wish for all of those who read this, and those who don't, a whole bunch of inner work that will provide an insipiring transformation leading to an unsurpassed example of an utterly peaceful internal atmosphere, which will, in turn, radiate and shine through your thoughts and words and actions, having a positive influential effect on those around you and your environment, and therefore, the whole world!

(My, what a run-on sentence.)

In this way, if you are all peace inside, then you can only share peace, because you can only be peace, and like this world peace can be truly enhanced.

It ain't easy though, so good luck!



Marle said...

"In this way, if you are all PEACE inside, then you can only share PEACE, because you can only be PEACE, and like this world PEACE can be truly enhanced"

me guto' el trabalengua wannabe :P

Nos vemos...PEACE!

Chelle said...


osmany said...

i apologized to someone today. thats kinda peaceful innit?

Chelle said...

of course! for yourself and that someone and the rest of the world.

so thanks! :D