Monday, November 07, 2005

It's All Pure Potential, Until You Make A Choice

Life is filled with so many options. Everything can be nothing and everything at the same time- until you choose. Things have the possibility to be greatness and horror equally strongly, until you define which you prefer.

I don't know about you, but I want grandeur, enchantment, enjoyment, love, simplicity... and many other things... but all based on truth. I want to surpass all the things that have held me back from living pure, untarnished bliss. I want to continue working on me diligently and caringly until I've reached the point when I am completely free...

I want to learn how to:
  • love and give more
  • be more patient
  • accept the present as it is
  • not insult me or others
  • respect others' choices
  • continue speaking my truth more openly
  • care about me more
  • get past my shyness in certain situations
  • be less attached
  • communicate more clearly
  • be more organized
  • waste less time.
Every year on this day, I ponder.


AniCh said...

Q nice!!!....HAPPY B-DAY MICHI!!!!!!....q cumplas muchos mas, q puedas cumplir todas tus metas.

Janio said...

Sé que fue ayer. Ojalá hayas pasado un feliz cumple.

::over-whelmed:: said...

i love this post.. =).. oh and btw happy bday.. i see that they congratulated u up there.. hehe.. i hop eu have a blast.. =)

Shirazi said...

Nice to do list. Count me in on this.

Shirazi said...

And hi, Happy birthdy from this stranger.

Chelle said...

THANK U!!!!!!

it's been a great beginning of a new life year!