Thursday, January 12, 2006

When One Gives, One Receives

Hey lovely ones, I'm working on the Brazil post, but it'll take a little while to finish, especially since I'm super busy lately with everything about this Saturday's concert.

In the meantime, these are part of the lyrics to a song I would like to dedicate to someone someday. Do you know which song this is? If so, listen to the rest of it.

and I salute you for your courage
and I applaud your perseverance
and I embrace you for your faith in the face of adversarial forces
that I represent
and I support you in your trusting
and I commend you for your wisdom
and I'm amazed by your surrender in the face of threatening forces
that I represent


MAURO said...

aver aver....... que cancion sera???? jajajajaja.... u shock me every day!!!! in the good sense....
no es tan facil de hacer no importa que tanto se cambie.

self protection was in times of true danger
your best defense to mistrust and be wary
surrendering a feat of unequalled measure
and I'm thrilled to let you in
overjoyed to be let in in kind

ayer me quede con ganas de oir el programa... stuck in a meeting.

Chelle said...

oh dios! se la sabe! you do too, you know :D

bueno, pq no sea facil no significa que no se puede. :)

no diria que sea tanto cambiar, sino mas bien lo q expresabas en aquel momento de lucidez. :P

"no we're never gonna survive unless..."

MAURO said...

does it surprise you? its' smack in the middle of my two previous post's. a la larga sigue siendo un asunto tambien de decidir en que momento esta bueno de luchar por algo. me parece que estas tres canciones son la trilogia perfecta para describir las desventuras que pasamos en una relacion. truth, faith, and dreams are what those the songs mean 2 me. sooo i guess this is what our life should reflect. el lio con esto es que puedes insistir puedes perseverar pero si la otra persona no lo acepta no te queda de otra que seguir tu camino.

Chelle said...

es ke ur the first person i know (apart from me) who knows them all, soooo it's weird!

yups, when one gives, one receives, but not necessarily from the same source. por eso es que hay que aprender a amar a lo you owe me nothing in return... dificil, si! pero se trata de dar, no de quitar. siempre se corre ese riesgo, pero como dice una amiga, to find out si si o no, hay que darle palla.

pero olvidate, que cuando algo te toca, te toca. y dios sabe por que quita o pone que, y cuando.

MAURO said...

jejejeje. true!!