Saturday, February 18, 2006

And Speaking of Reminders

  • The most common regret among the dying: "I wish I would have loved more."
  • I shall learn to be more loving, and less "whatever". Don't want the same regret.
  • We should all keep in mind other people's feelings. But never sacrifice being ourselves.
  • I don't judge any of you... or think that you are wrong or that I am better. Because it's simply not true. We're all just each other... or should be.
  • No one is higher or lower than anyone else. Cada quien es grande en su propio sitio.
  • If I am producing that it's because I am giving that. So it's time to do the opposite within me, which I have not done yet, effectively.
  • Fear holes can only be filled with love.


quico said...

"I don't judge any of you..."

This is something that I've had to constantly remind myself NOT to do.

To try and NOT entertain thoughts of this guy/gal is an idiot for merely dealing with his of her life situation differently than how I probably would.

Instead I have decided to be rather more tolerant and loving of other people and if I can help do so but if not send a quiet prayer their way.
Ademas "Todos somos muy ignorantes. Lo que ocurre es que no todos ignoramos las mismas cosas."

Chelle said...

o mai gas, toy con esa ultima frase.

alex said...

No todos somos ignorantes. Siempre han existido hombres verdaderamente sabios. Lo que sucede es que los ignorantes los hemos ignorado!

Chelle said...

uy si... a lo largo de la historia han existido unos cuantos... pero nosotros eh... hehehe

*-. aliCe .-* said...

"We should all keep in mind other people's feelings. But never sacrifice being ourselves."

esa va pa mi directo y en vivo =x

Chelle said...

ji ji... know watcha mean girl :)