Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Dinner Last Nite

Last night we had a family Valentine's dinner. There are different types of diets in my family, and everyone is fine with everyone else's. (That is, after years of getting crap for my going vegetarian a few years back.) In the present, however, bunches of jokes are made, but all in good cheer, and we all exchange tips and likings. There are people who eat mostly meat and no carbs, there are those who eat anything without asking, there are those who say they're vegetarian most of the time (please decipher that), etc.

Right now there is another person in my family who is going green. He really has the intention, yet he's not so immersed in all that it entails. I answer whatever he asks, but I don't go beyond that. These things are very personal, and no two people have to walk the same path. So it was interesting to watch him discard a serving of eggplant, after finding out it had meat in the recipe, yet swallowing other things made with seafood and then dessert filled with eggs. But, for him, he was being a vegetarian, and a proud one at that.

Personally I basically served myself some raw leaves, and lightly cooked veggies and bread. Oh, and some delicious crackers. No dessert. And that was OK. My cousin filled her plate with every option of meat, and then cake, in the buffet, and that was OK. No one has to be anyone else but themselves.

I have my reasons for my choices. They have their reasons for theirs. Everyone is free to choose. Dinner with my family was cool.


quico said...

Hi Chelle
Right now I'm getting the same heat from relatives and/or friends. It's like deciding to NOT eat meat is a sin or something. I had one aunt recite verses from the bible and all. Thanksfully I have taken the care to sort of investigate the reasons behind some of the costumes of the time, the cultural reasons behind it all and/or WHOM it was directed to. Christian pretty much tend to take any old verse out of context and apply to present situations. I don't know about that, but anyways, that's another post.

I'm planning to take a trip to DR soon. I would love to visit Devanand. They're supposed to have center here in NYC but the numbers I found/called were out of service.
I would like to like chat with you on your eating habits, exercises besides yoga, drinking, etc.

I'm still eating chicken and fish so I can't even that is becoming to be disgusting already to me. Ever since I came to yoga it is like everything I'm saying on a different light. I love the philosophy behind it all and I pray to God this is the right path for me now.

Anyways, I'm really sorry por el "litin"... :-/

Ya si me voy...

Chelle said...

Coolz. te voy a conseguir la info actualizada del centro en NY mas una profe de yoga ke es del de DR y da clases alla.

let me know when you're coming para all of the above!

y eso pasa, hehe, pero just be yourself. :)

Libélula said...

I always say: "Live and let live"...Lo cool de la vida es que no todos pensemos igual, sino yo me imagino lo aburrido que fuera.

Cada quien sabe lo que mejor le conviene. Uno, aunque no comparta la opinión del otro, sí debe respetarla, no?

quico said...

La falta de tolerancia se manifiesta a muchos y diferentes niveles.

"World peace can be achieved through individual peace, in each of our hearts..."

Libelula: Lo opuesto y reverso tambien se da, partiendo primero de las inseguridades, complejos, traumas en fin bultos que arrastramos y que reflejamos en los que nos rodean y que con sus acciones positivas quizas nos lo recuerdan y hacen sentir culpables. Es de esperarse que reaccionemos criticando, burlando y queriendo corregir. Nos duele.

WOW, another nyt (litin)... :p

Oh my God Chelle I would thank YOU for EVER for that info.

Of course I will be sure to let you know when I'm going to DR.

Check out some dominican "green" spots...yikes!!!