Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Marvelous... Simply Enchanting

He doesn't know what I am living. He doesn't know what I've been thinking about. He doesn't even know what I've been doing with my days. Yet everything he chose to tell me (of everything that he could say) was precisely what relates to the things I've been living. He said exactly the things that I've been thinking about. And he doesn't even know what I've been doing with my days.

Among the things he said he mentioned that no one is better or worse, worth more or less, higher or lower than anyone else. Everyone is simply where they are, and that's OK. If you have something to give, you can share it, but without pushing anyone to move in the direction that you're heading. Everyone has their own growth process, and that should be respected.

I never thought that I could learn from him like that. At least not in those types of topics, but there it is. Such love in his words, such connection. Such simplicity in his manner. And he doesn't even know what I've been doing with my days. Ah... synchronicity. :)


quico said...

I have been told I had that effect on people just that nobody had actually written about it in so eloquent terms. I'm just touched...
WHAT!?! ITS NOT ME!?!? :p

I told you I had TSELOS so after work I had classes but I ran home anyways to get it. I felt like I needed to get a hold of it. I'm SO glad I did. Just that first chapter makes you wanna stop and digest for a min in awe of what you just read.
The Law of Pure Potentiality
and the regular practice of:
1- Silence (periods)
2- Meditation
3- Non-judgement

Later talking to a friend he reminded me of another instrumental book:
The Game of Life and how to play it - Florence Scovel Shinn

This is a small book but huge on what it touches upon, highly recommended.

local wannabe said...

...Synchronicity meets Fate at a bar in the clouds, a star bar, where they serve magenta flavored drinks (with little pineapple umbrellas), they share a few winks, a few smiles, a few laughs, a few stories about Destiny and her ethereal charm, they scoot a little closer, their toes touch under the table, its a sublime seduction, nine months later Serendipity is born...

Dimas Arias said...


Chelle said...

slo- lol! no se te escapa una eh?

ay si... know watcha mean... por eso leo dike una por dia, pk asi ese dia como ke me enfoco en aplicar eso, como sugiere al final starting with pure potentiality on sunday. those 3 things are key... and when u apply them... it's just so cool. :)

ah, y todo es yoga in that book.

low- jajajaj. apero eso. have u seen serendipity, the movie? alguien me estaba hablando de ella en estos dias. a mi me gusto.

dim- :) asi estaba yo anoche.

Agus said...

A veces cuando una persona sensible habla es como si nos hablara exclusivamente a nosotros...
It happens a lot with la Lic.
Lets embrace it and learn from their wisdom.
Love ya girl!

Chelle said...

AY SI! every time, i think... si te cuento lo de unos meses paca... mija, otro documentary jajajja. de verda ke el ke tenga oidos que oiga... y aprecie.

love u too!

quico said...

I have you to thank for bringing it (TSLOSS) to my field of vision once again.
Reading you has always been nothing short of a enlightening experience for me.
Thanks for sharing you knowledge, your experiences and your feelings Chelle.

A faithful reader

Edwin R. said...

This was a treat... As I am sure it was a treat for you hearing it first hand. I need to start blogging like this again... xoxo

Chelle said...

slo- you should write some stuff too ya know. :) always welcome and thanks!

edw- heyyyy! nice to have u por aki again! hope to see u more often! y palante man, siempre. :)

quico said...

Oh snap!!?!
You caught me out there...
That's the same thing I've been thinking. I guess I have been sort of selfish, only receiving and not giving back which takes us to the second chapter in TSLOSS, "The Law of Giving". Yikes!?!

I won't even try to summit an excuse...


Chelle said...

ah yes... :)