Thursday, February 16, 2006

Maybe It's There - There Are No Coincidences

J- you were the first person I've told some of what I told you last night. But it was a pleasure to share it with you. :) AniCh- Lo mas cul es ser uno mismo. Eso me gusta de ti. Zayas- no sabes lo que has hecho por mi vida!!! Gracias!!! Patty- much luck in Part Two of your life. :P Mauro- How should we play?!? It just flies over my head sometimes. Ilia- na, ahi se quedo la cosa, hehe. Connection- It's nothing beyond that, it's just learning. Then again, that makes it so much more! Rose- mierrrkina! o seaaa, la mismita vainita! Tocasha- asi es, shiempre pa mejol. baston o no. Dr. E- Scherezade esta pendiente... Y nunca te he contado lo que me dijeron los Shriners de ti... Dr. O- no se ve como pero todo como que cabe. y a la vez Ke P! Dr. J- how much longer will you have that twinkly thingie in your eyes? i wonder... there's a big what if. Dr. D- Sorry for that reaction when I saw you last night! I'll elevate that one. You know I will. Willers- ya montate la cancion de Britney? ah no, verda ke now u've got the boy group thing going on con el Tony. I'll be in the audience this time! Yos- increible como todo sigue cayendo en su lugar!!! no me preguntes como pero whoa. Irving- valio la pena, de verda ke si, gracias. Dante- no hay ningun problema, really! :D you don't have to worry about this adult. And likewise, much warmth in my heart. Get over it man! Hehehe Mario- so.... ;) Ricardo- that Bjork song, "No courage for love, too scared to be happy"... wow. S- I will never have enough words, actions or thoughts to return what I continue to receive from you. Thank you for your selflessness.


Eduardo Suero said...

Hey, hey, ¡eso tiene fecha ya! Y sí, yo creo que ya hay confianza ;)

Chelle said...

Sips! Yasta en mi agenda! Clarowww... ahora si.. terminamos esa conversacion ahorita :P

MAURO said...

i don't realy know. there are no rules anywhere. guess we just make them up as we go along. never the less we are human and mistakes are goin 2 ocur. it be very boring if we didn't play thoug.

Chelle said...

yeah... you just kinda never know...*deep sigh* hehehe. it's a bitch for control freaks... seguimos entonz! :P (eso me acuerda a una cancion de queen... "play the game"...)

Gabs said...

Funny how learning at the end can make things all worth it-- after great and sometimes not so great road to get here. It does make it so much more- the experience gets more value than you ever imagined it would...and it's sweet! (in a loving and selfish way too!)

Chelle said...

jajajja yeah... definitely keeping the love view! and, yes, it's kind of self-full in a way as well! gotta lead me toward my happiness, right?

it's as u say... in the end it's always worth it... aunke de risa o pike, ke usualmente da los 2! :P

Willie said...

Me siento halagado de hacer un cameo dentro de tu post. Lo que si esta un poco incomodo es que me describiste como un chessy pop/tap dancin'/boys band/happy-happy-joy-joy music lover...y peor aun, me pusiste en el same boy group que el Tony! you know he can't do a falsetto as well as Eduardo. Next time tag me up con el Ed Timberlake.

Chelle said...

hey, hey, te vas a calentar con stimpy? me gusta mi happy happy joy joy! :P ok ok, kisas namas te gusta britney en mute, y yo se kel tonez no pega un tone, pero no conocia ese lado del E!

(E, preparate bien para esa fecha... it will be a long day... hehe)

Eduardo said...

Hey, Wilms, ya estoy haciendo el arreglo pa nuestra versión de Rock Your Body. Así que ve soltando los músculos pa' tirar los pasitos.

Bueno, M&M, vamos a tener que ir desde el desayuno y quedarnos hasta la cena...

Chelle said...

Con bailecito y todo!!! Yummm... No te apures ke me da hambre con bastante frecuencia para eso! :P

Y me encanta comer bien... :D Y si les da cualkier cosa, eres medico, so no me tendria ke preocupar... I mean, you will have studied enough by then right??? Hehehe

Eduardo said...

Eeeehhhh... sí...

Chelle said...

jejeje digo... me imagino!

oshe, te levantas tan temprano?

MAURO said...

Open up your mind and let me step inside
Rest your weary head and let your heart decide
It's so easy when you know the rules
It's so easy all you have to do
Is fall in love
Play the game
Ev'rybody play the game of love

When you're feelin' down and your resistance is low
Light another cigarette and let yourself go
This is your life
Don't play hard to get
It's a free world
All you have to do is fall in love
Play the game everybody play the game of love

My game of love has just begun
Love runs from my head down to my toes
My love is pumping through my veins (play the game)
Driving me insane
Come come come come play the game play the game play
the game play the game

Play the game everybody play the game of love

This is your life - don't play hard to get
It's a free free world all you have to do is fall in love
Play the game yeah play the game of love
Your life - don't play hard to get
It's a free free world all you have to do is fall in love
Play the game - ev'rybody play the game...

Chelle said...

:D oh my!!!

I soooo LOVE that song. It's been very useful through the years. THANKS!