Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Even Though We Wanted To

She was swimming in the depths of her thoughts when she realized the whole room had become void of noise. Not even a whisper could be heard, though perhaps an ocassional friction of fabric reminded her there were others present.

She opened her mouth and said something about not being able to save other people even though we wanted to, explaining that we couldn't change the world.

"Can't change the world?" he asked.

"No," she replied, surprised at the question. She was sure that was the truth. Wasn't it?

He darted a decided questioning glance at her.

She splashed unto doubts, stopped herself in mid-bounce and reflected.

"Whose world are we talking about?" he inquired.

That did it. She was wrong.

"My world, I can only change my world. I can only save myself."

The warm, friendly chatter resumed. So did the music, the dancing, and the clinking of crystal glasses. Life went on as if that brief mid-wife conclusion act had never occurred. The vibrant colored dresses, the effort-filled laughter- everything fell back into the routine they tried to run away from. But she... oh, she was there alright, only now she started seeing things under a different light.


Next, quoting a coinciding post from IntentBlog:
For the time being we have to remember three things
1. We are not responsible for other people's stories, only our own.
2. We are not here to change their stories, only our own.
3. The healing of negative stereotypes begins at home.


local wannabe said...

...a momentary glimpse beyond the veils...

* Pony said...

olá ninia.cabello.multikolor =)

hmmm te deje una homework en mi blósito.. ashi k jala paia

Chelle said...

low- ... if we ever want to live better we gotta see beyond... :P

and so much energy is expended needlessly on others... if only a fraction of that attention went to ourselves, whoa, humanity would be so much better off....... :)

munkz- heyyy, vasha tareita! y k te guta praia? :P

marCharisse said...

hey chelle.. me encanta como cantas.. en verdad..super cul.. te pareces a Alanis..a la cual yo amo.. eres muy talentosa :)

Chelle said...

mar- grathiash muchow! :P te aviso pal prox!