Sunday, March 26, 2006

From Deepak Chopra's Blog

The future of God, however, lies in spiritual evolution, and the next step of growth is for people to start to awaken one by one, just as Jesus, Gautama, and Muhammad did.

Judging by grass-roots activity, the following trends will continue to shape American spiritual life outside the church:

  • --Meditation will become mainstream.
  • --Aspects of the paranormal and miraculous will be widely credited.
  • --Healing, both physical and psychological, will become commonplace.
  • --Prayer will be seen as real and efficacious.
  • --Manifestation of desires will be talked about as a real phenomenon.
  • --People will regain a connection to their souls.
  • --Individuals will find answers inwardly to their deepest spiritual questions. They will believe in their private answers and live accordingly.
  • --Communities of belief will arise.
  • --Gurus and other spiritual authorities will wane in influence.
  • --A wisdom tradition will grow to embrace the great spiritual teachings at the heart of organized religion.
  • --Faith will no longer be seen as an irrational departure from reason and science.
  • --Wars will decline as peace becomes a social reality.
  • --Nature will regain its sacred value.
That was from the first post I read of him. It wasn't at all weird for me to read that, more like something common and similar to my way of thinking. Then I went ahead to read some of the comments and I saw how that is so unaccepted by most people. And rejected. That wasn't strange either, since most of the time what people do not agree with or do not understand, as a sort of protective measure, tends to be ridiculized, insulted or fought over, instead of them just believing what they want to believe. And why do people get defensive? Protecting themselves from what? I think differences can be stated with respect and a harmonious approach, but that's not very popular, hehe. Anyway, I'm not here to change the world. Well, not anyone else's.

His latest post:
Why People Get Sick
Deepak Chopra - Mar 24 at 1PM
Most people assume that germs and genes cause disease. The germ theory has brought us a long way, and genetic theory promises to take us even further. But there is still a mystery surrounding why certain people get sick while others don't.
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local wannabe said...

...woohoo...when do the festivities begin?...or...have they already begun?...

Chelle said...

hehehe, yes they have! like thousands of years ago! :P

quico said...

"...Some people have nothing better to do than to get sick."

I'm sorry but I would have to agree...

Anonymous said...

so you think in the future everyone will beleive in god?

Chelle said...

quix- sad that is. there is lots better to do. sooo much.

non- eventually everyone will, but not necessarily at the same time, so making that statement wouldn't sound exactly accurate. i don't know if there will be a point in which you can say, "everyone in the world right now is aware of god."