Saturday, March 04, 2006

I Am Here Right Now

Tentacle withdrawal produces appreciative silence
The uprising of antennae
Focusing on Self and giving

Must I wait for that to change for me to give again?
I intellectually and heartfully know
The answer to that's a huge NO

Detached involvement applies to everything and anything
The giving all in all our actions
Looking not for fixed results

Will I wait for another to decide for me again?
I intellectually and heartfully know
The answer to that should be NO

Stagnating your own flow is a stupid thing to do
The product of childish thinking
Wasting refreshed and present chances


Alex said...

I think thoughts are ideas, not things. They are ethereal.

Chelle said...

I agree that they're ethereal. :)

I think it's kinda like the water cycle.

Thoughts are its gas state... eventually condensed to liquid form, many times becoming solid.

The way I see it, everything begins as a thought (the lightbulb, a kiss, a song and so on). Ideas eventually manifest outside our minds, in other words thoughts will become things. The more you have a certain thought, the more you are condensing that potential experience to be fulfilled. That's how our reality is created, and why we should be mindful of our thinking.

I think all begins ethereally- just like the creation of the universe. :)

It's cool that you have your own opinion.