Wednesday, April 26, 2006

El que da generosamente...

selfishness and selflessness
the fishiness of restlessness
the loveliness my soul fishes
when giving up ego distress
the self just flows no more no less
the situation comes to rest
when within fishing willingness
becomes the goal to pass the test
selfishness needs to address
but selflessness fishes the best
making of life one big caress
hearts' purity needs no arrest.
what freedom. what love. what how it should be.
"this is how you remind me of what i really am." -nickelback


principemestizo said...

nice post, i belive in thats words, pas apor mi blog para que chequees el ultimo post y me des tuopinion me interesa mucho, saludos

alfonso said...

the best smile by a

Chelle said...

prinz- tnx. lo hare cuando tenga un chancesito.

fonz- :D :D :D grax!
i would smile for you any day!

Chelle said...

prinz- aperisimow.

local wannabe said...

... i like fishing ... but not as much as i like saying the word "fishies" ... isn't that such a jovial word? ... "fishies?" ...

Anonymous said...