Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Shama Rocks!

hello beautiful ppl!
i hope you had a great easter weekend. i certainly did. :) sooo great, in fact, that it doesn't feel like a week ago i was in such a spent and tired state. i've got sooo much energy and mental clarity that i've gotten stuff done in 3 days that i have been dragging for months. and last night i was able to interact with my family with an openness that wasn't there before. also, i feel this big, big love which is typical after retreats. it's amazing. much big, pure, universal love. awesome! because all of the love you feel is augmented. so lovers, family, friends, co-workers- everyone gets a bit more of it. (in the deep, right anag?)
of course the one who feels it best is... me!  :P and the love i feel the most is towards god.
i was thinking that i'd love that the man i'm with is in love with god first, before me. it might sound strange, but i think that's the way it should be. i can die or fall out of love any moment, but god will always be.
big virtual hug!


Alex said...

What is the Indian Instructor´s name and what city does she come from? Please tell us more about her.


quico said...

Hola perdida (figurative speech)
Cuando tendran otro retiro como aquel en Brazil?
Donde consigo info?
Tengo unas vacaciones que vienen por ahi sumbando y quisiera saber.
Si no nos vemos en DR.


PS: Y que de tu amiga Ags?

Chelle said...

al- actually, she is dominican :) but she was trained directly by swami guru devanand, and had to be in india to become an instructor.

what can i tell you? she's an admirable person, who's dedicated her life to the service of god and contributing on sharing with others the path to yoga (which means union with god.) she's beautiful and selfless and giving and loving and strict and serious and there are not enough words... a true example.

quix- jajaja figurative speech. al final de diciembre hay retiro aki en RD, como el d brazil, o sea k si tienes planes de venir por aki en esa fecha, sha lo sabes. si kieres te envio mas info por mail.

ella estuvo por aki hace poco. esta muy bien. :)

quico said...

Que chulo seria pasar el año nuevo alla meditando y haciendo yoga...
Y conociendo/compartiendo con otros como tu...awe
Tengo par de años que no paso el 31 alla por lo caro que se ponen los pasajes pero para algo si lo haria.
Mandame la info linda, porfa...

Mich said...

It's true... God will always be.
XOXO and blessings.