Sunday, May 21, 2006

Benedicta Tu In Mulieribus

Numerous times we ejaculate thoughts such as, “Next week I will begin to do _________ the way it should be.”

Then next week you have a bunch of activities, and everything’s just going so well that you throw it off a week later. And what happens a week later? Everything is going so terribly wrong, or you’re just so tired, that you are in no mood to get up from bed to actually do anything that requires much effort on your part… and that which you “really want to do” is procrastinated for yet another week.

Circumstances will never be exactly ideal. Or maybe ideal can happen a hundred years from now, making it seem rather stupid that one should wait that long for something that only requires a split-second decision. ONE choice. Right NOW.

Someone told me, “Sit down, by yourself, and actually think about it, about your life. Ask yourself: Do I really want to live a better life? Do I really want to do those things to improve? Do I want to be happy? And be honest with yourself.”

A lot of the time we say a million times that we don’t want to (fill in the blank) again, but when the chance comes to make a different choice, it’s just so much easier and familiar to make the known election that we say, “Well, next time I’ll choose X instead.”

If I don’t watch it, this time will always be next time.


Nelly said...

while reading vinieron a la mente tanntass cosas que i want to get to...and como que its true...we always say...."la semana que viene voy a empezar..." but then the week get complicated...and we never get to it...but really, this post opened my eyes to that...and to just start thinking of my happiness...thanks...

Chelle said...

:D you're welcome :D

yeah, we need to be more faithful to ourselves...