Sunday, May 28, 2006

This Was Written to a Man Two Months Ago

If only you wouldn't settle for being one more.
If only you wouldn't need another to feel sure.
If only you would remember your own words.
If only you would realize you're being absurd.

If only you wouldn't feel the need to blindly cling.
If only you wouldn't expect more out of this thing.
If only you would decide to accept reality.
If only you would exercise your full capacity.

If only you wouldn't doubt yourself so much.
If only you wouldn't think you are solely your crotch.
If only you would elevate your own esteem.
If only you would stop trying to live a dream.

Then again maybe what you do to you
You do to others too
And allow them in turn
To do it back to you.

1 comment:

Chelle said...

If you are reading this, it wasn't written to you. :)

My blog is inexistent to this man.