Friday, May 19, 2006


Whoa Number 1
I am surprised that this is still in here. I don't know what I was thinking. I guess since this time it was different I thought it would be different? Well, it is different, just... different! :) But, you know, life carries on and everything.
Whoa Number 2
Well, of course that couldn't be. Oh the sadness of the shock of the way of the handling of the problem. And now I will use the word "whoa" in the way it's used for horses. Whoa! I really hope that someday... although that really isn't my call to make... there could be a shift in focus there. And maybe God somewhere in the picture?
Whoa Number 3
There's a fine change of attitude! I think the skies have cleared up a bit. The sun hasn't made any appearance yet... but, hey, it's all looking brighter already! I could even sing a little too. :P
Whoa Number 4
Finally, someone shows guts.


Nelly said...

hurray..someone finally showed guts...! that´s always good...

Chelle said...

yeah, it's about time!


... men! ...