Tuesday, June 20, 2006

the periodical

ah, a break at last. *joy filled sigh turned into a smile*

i should write a real post, right? one of those- yeah you know, one of those. especially since typing with short nails is so much cooler than with long ones, which look pretty and all, but enough is enough. i can do so many more things with their current shortened length, unafraid that i will hurt myself or others, or damage my nails. anyway, it's time for a little guitar playing again, which i abandoned for a while... something i do periodically.

and that's a current theme now, the periodical...

things that need time-to-time attention... decisions we need to keep on making every now and then, because making it the first time is not enough to keep it going. periodically tending to matters of importance and situaciones i'd like to improve. it's like keeping a fire alive. it is keeping a fire alive. a fire of being alive.

i used to see this as a burden... feel a heaviness of a load... well, sometimes i still do think crappola, i have to do that again!... and i sometimes perceived it as a certain kind of imprisonment, as if i had no other choice but to do X. but wait a second, aren't there infinite ways i could head? i mean, if i want certain things to be better in my life, and i choose to do the work it takes, it's because i am conscious of and in agreement with the fact that X would suit me best. so there's a key word right there, one that i know i mention a lot... because it's always connected to how we create our lives: i choose it. nobody can make me. no situation can make me. for anything to go any which way in my life, a choice is required of me. (keep in mind that not choosing is a choice in itself. one of staying stuck where and how you already are, when the aim should always be higher.)

so in reality, you see, far from feeling imprisoned or limited, i am actually totally free and unlimited. i have the ability to choose to do whatever the heaven i want to do with me and mine. of course, i have to be aware and willingly responsible to face the consequences each of my choices brings, but hey! i still do what i want, and i do things because i want to! i never have to.
i am unbound! i am free. :D

thanks for this space of thinking 'out loud' and realizing things. of course, i've much to continue considering and pondering about regarding this topic. but i see a little beacon of light breaking through that dark blanket we used to create fake tents with in my brothers' room while i was a kid.

muchow love!


Mich said...

"...making it the first time is not enough to keep it going."
we just need to keep working right?? :)

we r free to decide, free to change, free to love, free to do whatever we wanna do BUT... "we have to be aware and willingly responsible to face the consequences each of our choices brings..."

nice! :)
xoxo & \/

Chelle said...

grathiash y asi es, hay k seguir trabajando hasta llegar a dios mismo :)