Sunday, June 25, 2006

Some open their eyes to live, while others choose to daydream.

I don't mean to sound repetitive, but it's just incredible to see, so clearly, how there are some patterns each of us repeats time and again... even when, sometimes, the repetition includes things we do not want in our lives anymore... yet periodically, we find ourselves in a similar spot.

It's easier to pinpoint this in other people, but you and I are no exception. The difference is in what our patterns involve.

This doesn't mean we are slaves to this in any way. But if we don't watch it, if we don't start being more conscious of the automatic choices we are making, we'll be acting out the same old script for years to come... and I am sure there's huge parts of it that we can well live without.

If this is to be done, it should be with a desire for progress, of substituting these worn out roles with new, better ways of being. The focus should be on the more positive ways, our sight fixed on the improved form, not wasting time on the same old thing that we already know. The possibilities are infinte.

"On no account brood over your wrong doing. Rolling in the muck is not the best way of getting clean." -Aldous Huxley


dirat said...

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por ejemplo, pienso que soy malo en matemaicas, actuo de acuerdo a esa etiqueta, no estudio, obtengo el resultado negativo. es un circulo vicioso el de las estiquetas.
te cuento, siempre pensé que era torpe para armar cosas, entonces un dia, mi hermana compro un pequeño bar para armar. me llamó, en vez de decirle que no sirvo para eso, actuando en contra de lo que creia, me puse a armarlo. lo hice, me tomó tiempo, pero lo hice. no sabes la sastisfaccion que me dio el armar un simple bar de madera.

Chelle said...


gracias por compartir ese ejemplo.

muchas veces la diferencia la hace la decision de un solo momento. a veces somos tontos al limitarnos. :P