Friday, June 16, 2006

Today Is a Beautiful Day

Feeling bright and lovely.
Life is fun.
Saw LOTR 3 again last night/this morning. (finished late!)
So I woke up late today, but I made it to work on time.
I'm singing here in a while. Yes, at a work.
At a farewell lunch we have later.
Fun day, I tell ya. Busy too.
We've only rehearsed once... I don't know the lyrics.
But oh well, it won't be the first time. :P
Thinking about love and friendship.
And many other themes in the movie's symbols.
I've decided today is a great day.
My t-shirt says:
Enjoy your day, be happy, be yourself.
Yeah, why not? :D
Hope you have a super day as well!



Mich said...

my t-shirt says CARP (Club Atlético River Plate) y Argentina ganó 6-0 so... i'm happy 2! jeje.
pero como todos los días desperté siendo feliz, God loves me so much! así q i'm enjoying my day por default :)
and... yeah, why not? even we don't remember it sometimes we always need to be ourselves :D


Eleri said...

Feelin' good, huh? Hehehe... good thing it's friday too. Tenaglia!
Take care.

Chelle said...

mich- if i'm not me who would i be?

no valdria la pena malgastar el tiempo pretendiendo algo que no es real. la vida se encarga de recordarnoslo.

erks- yups man ;)

though my weekend started on wednesday! :P

i fell asleep for a part of it... heh. :S

pero na, palante y bonche! :D

Chelle said...

y de fifa

ta bien k la furia te en la cosa (y la pelada del tony tambien), y que los arg arrollaron con los serbs,


Medicinae Doctoris said...

no puedo decir lo mismo,,, mis dias no han sido buenos ultimamente...

Chelle said...


lo bueno de ser humano es que uno tiene la habilidad de mejorarlos, comenzando por cambiar el enfoque. :)

mucho depende de como escojamos interpretar lo que nos pasa.

wish u the best!

-Lyn- said...

I've decided today is a great day.

jajaja que linda! Thanks.. me animaste ya!

dirat said...

me gusta la cancion de ACE OF BASE, IT´S A BEAUTIFUL LIVE.
me levanta el animo siempre.

Chelle said...

yay! :D

Mich said...

gracias tocash! :)

Chelle said...

jeh, no se porke pero igual de nada! :)