Friday, July 21, 2006

What Are You Going To Do?

I actually personally know people who would never lie or cheat or steal or kill under any circumstances.

Isn't that amazing? In our very own country, and in the rest of the world, there are people of very high moral standards, of cleanliness of mind and purity of heart. People that wouldn't sell themselves cheaply, people that value and respect their own lives, and everyone else's.

It isn't impossible, I know some ppl have trouble believing it, but it is very much real. I am honored to know these people exist. I am honored to witness their simple living. I will watch as this number continues to grow. But I shall also contribute with as much as I can.

As we all know, our planet needs much help, so as little as we can each give I think will end up being a very valuable addition. Let's keep in mind that anything we think or do affects everyone else, so it ends up coming back to you. What are you going to do?


Agus said...

I will also continue to contribute my bit...Love and Light!

alex said...


The Dominican Republic revalidated its title as queens of women’s volleyball at the Central American and Caribbean Games following an impressive victory over Cuba in THREE SETS by score of 32-30, 25-19, 25-22.

With the Cubans absent during the previous edition in 2002 at El Salvador, the Dominicans had very few obstacles to take the crown, but this time they left no questions while conquering the throne with a spectacular triumph over the FOURTH RANKED TEAM IN THE WORLD.

dirat said...

i´m sorry chelle, but i find that dificult to believe. lies comes with humanity. truth comes with humanity too, simply we are not perfect.
keep looking inside.

Chelle said...

a- :D super!!

al- that's great! i've heard they're getting very good mental training to keep their focus positive and on the possibility that they can win. :)

dir- i know some ppl don't believe it, because they haven't seen it, but it is nothing new. there have always been people like that, pure and honest, there are lots right now, and there will continue to be. you can be like that too.

the thing about imperfection is that we have the capacity to do both, but every moment that we have to think or say something we can choose: the red pill or the blue pill; the truth or the lie.

we all have it in ourselves.
keep looking inside. :)

alex said...

I invite all this blog´s readers to share with the rest of us ONE ACTION he or she is already taking or will take to save the environment.

In my case I walk 30 minutes in total to go to the gym.

Let´s get moving!

Elaine Lugo said...

I recycle, EVERY DAY!!!!

Chelle said...

nice! :D

i'm vegetarian :)

Agus said...


MAURO said...

y eat meat!!!!!!!!! jajajajajaj pero por otra lado no gasto dinero en alcohol no drogas sabiendo que hay gente en el mundo que pasa hambre... por cierto entre a un macd's y le combre un big mac a un señor de la calle el otro dia.... it felt great!!!!!!!!!

Mich said...

dirat: maybe u don't believe it 'couse u haven't known someone with purity of heart... like michi says.
recomiendo q te rodees de personas así, es un ambiente demasiado diferente y real. tenemos la libertad de elegir.

nobody's perfect but we r working and we'll always work on it :)


alex said...

Besides being a lactovegetarian I have used the same plastic bottle since the beginning of this year.


Chelle said...

ad- that helps save lots. hooray to the 3 R's! (reduce, reuse, recycle)

ags- hmm... we should exercise our vegetarianism together more often. :P eating healthy is yummy! and good company aids digestion, hehe. cuando se pueda vamos a schezwan or whatever it's called.

mau- el que aplasta las cajas antes de botarlas... it's good that you're conscious of and have compassion for those who are less fortunate in that sense. solo puede dar el que tiene.

mich- lo mas importante es ser honesto con uno mismo, no posar. en eso dirat ta alante. si, es dificil, pero hay que hablar menos y SER mas. lo menos importante es la imagen que otros tengan de uno, sino lo que uno piense de si mismo. hay que invertir el tiempo en trabajar, como bien dices, y no en aparentar.

al- that's cool, becoming conscious of the ways we actually contribute, and seeing other ways that we could also add to our way of life. thanks for the initiative for this reflection. :)