Monday, August 14, 2006

Calculating Your Self Worth

Think of the year you were born in. Subtract 100 from that number. Add the number of the month you were born in and then divide that by the number of the date you were born. If your answer has more than one digit, add the digits together until you get a one digit answer. (For example, 118 would become 10 which would then become 1). And that's what you are worth to yourself on a scale of 1 to 10.

Now, repeat after me: That which I just read is total bullshit.

What, you really think there is some magic formula that's going to give you the answer? Or that someone or something else is going to tell you how much you are worth to yourself? Think again. :) If you don't know what you are worth, then no one else will either because one day you will give them one message and the other day another.

There is a formula... A very simple one... But you are the one who gives the answer to it.

You are worth however much you decide you are worth.

Up! :D


Agus said...

Absolutely true...we give ourselves and others our own value.

See you soon!

Love ya,

Chelle said...

Yesss! Very soon! Love U2! :D :D :D

dirat said...

el dia que inventen una vacuna que cure la falta de amor propio, alguien se va a hacer multimillonario. la gente procuramos siempre el camino llano. el camino de busqueda interior tiene muchos escollos.
saludos chelle, espero que estes feliz.

AniCh said...


principemestizo said...

hay qu eponer en pratica eso!!

Chelle said...

dir- espero igual para ti! :D jejeje, creo k tenemos la vacuna dentro de nos :P

nich- hola! jeje, toi en rochester! :P

prinz- eso eso :P