Tuesday, September 26, 2006

as is your breath so is your mind

breathe. calm down.

that's right. the way you breathe has an impact on the way you think.

agitated breath = agitated thoughts
tranquil breath = tranquil thoughts

breathe and calm down.

that's why when ppl need to focus, often the first thing suggested is, "breathe." and often "calm down" is accompanied by "breathe", meaning "breathe calmly."

breathe to calm down.

and why is breath associated with calming down? because it does. if you slow down your breathing rate consciously, you can slow down the whirlwind of wild thoughts.

breathe calmy and you will calm down.

one other thing, in order to concentrate, first one must relax. if there is no relaxation, there can really be no focus. ever wonder why that happens?

breathe deeply. calm down. and then try to solve it. (and you'll probably need to breathe and calm down many times along the way.)


cd said...

Thanks, this is exactly what I needed to read.

Chelle said...


You are infinitely welcome.

Nelly said...

this is great...i definetely need to put this in practice...

dirat said...

las acciones fisicas influyen en los estados de animo. tan sencillo como eso.
si sonries, si expresas alegria, aunque no te sientas asi, empezaras a sentirse alegre. comprobado.
un abrazo.

Chelle said...

nels- creo que nos viene bien a todos! :D

dir- hey there! siii, es taaan como dices. comprobado tambien, jeje. y gracias por compartirlo.

uno escoge como se kiere sentir.