Wednesday, September 13, 2006

whaddaya thank

perhaps i should write a new post, eh? yeah maybe... lemme see... i'll think about it... what do you think? ... in the meantime, though, perhaps i could share with you that i am sleepy... :)

i had a good time last night... but it was a weeknight so i had to cut it short... i hope that potential can be expressed on the weekend... i'm working on organizing my sleep hours better, for my health's sake... so far, so good... cus really, it ain't no fun at all to be all tired all the time... and not being able to do well what i am supposed to do, and what i know i can do so much better just by being in a better state... so it's a lot about weighing priorities and controlling the adrenaline rushes that inspire me to go overboard on energy expenditure...

i don't know if they understood though... but hey, i know not everyone understands why i do things... or why i will do some other things in the future... i gotta think about me, ya know, about what's better for keeping myself in good condition... anyway, suppose i waste myself stupidly for trying to make others happy- which i can't do anyway- what would happen? i would end up in horrible shape, and they would go on with their lives... a dumb, dumb choice that would be...

i'm the one who has to take myself seriously, not sit and wait for others to decide that i need some sleep, or for them to remember to take care of me. am i painted on some wall? i don't think so.

the more convenient road is not the easy way through... especially since one has to pave one's own road... but it is far more valuable and rewarding than cheap imitations and false promises of lasting joy which are so far from eternal.

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