Sunday, October 01, 2006

because there are so many beautiful people, and so much we can do with our lives


first of all, one big, big hug. yummm. :) heh, sounds like the mantra i wear around my neck (OM).

i must write this fairly quickly, for i've got a few things to do in this precious afternoon. why be alive and not make the best of it? we never know if we're meant to see tomorrow, and i don't mean this in a defeatist way. i mean it in a thank God i'm alive today so that i can live today fully kinda way, ok?

yesterday was a day full of different kinds of people. a show of numerous attitudes. and a reminder that there's plenty of room at the hotel california. and also plenty of space for those who want to break free of the chains of birth and death, hot and cold, mine and yours, them and us, day and night, soft and hard... identification with the ego and the rest of relativity. there's time, there's chances, there's The Way for the ultimate crossover... the final step in evolution... the unveiling, the dropping of the curtains, the breaking free from Maya (illusion), the final waking... yoga.

yes, yoga. no, not the exercises; what it literally means: Union with God. that is the goal. no matter what idea we have of God. be it just that thing that inspires us to be better people. we can even choose not to name whatever it is that we know exists yet we can't seem to fully grasp or explain. but it gives us glimpses of direction and coincidental connection and we somehow know there's gotta be more to life than just this. i don't know about you, but i want more...

but it's interesting to meet so many varied ways of thinking. so many kinds of priorities. so many different appreciations of life. and nobody's wrong and nobody's right, and nobody's good and nobody's bad... and everyone is big in their own place.

i love it when people can disagree in harmony. we know we're not clones, and even clones differ in thought. so why is there this futile emphasis on persuasion? i can share what i think, but you're free to choose whatever, and i shall respect that.

so i say goodbye now, loving your differences.


Mich said...

I love your way of thinking!

Chelle said...

wow... thanks!

i respect that too, hehe. :D

Anonymous said...

i don't know about you, but i want more...

i love it when people can disagree in h a r m o n y!

me too, me too :)


Chelle said...

:D paxxxxxsh

oh pero eto ej una reunion de tocayas :P

principemestizo said...

cool post!!
creo que debemos respetar nuestras diferencias y amar nuestras similitudes. besos chelle

Chef Pablo Tineo said...

I love your post...I love this "LOVING YOUR DIFFERENCE." It is the best thing to be happy with others.

Hey,,,nadie esta equivocado, nadie esta correcto. Nadie es malo, nadie es bueno.

Fabuloso este post.

I like you go to my blog, please.

Have a nice day!!

florecita said...

Me encantó tu post!!!!!!!! siiiiiiii es tan chulo poder simplemente SER sin juzgar ni sentirse juzgado... that is Pure Love... del bueno!!!!!!

Un abrazote grandote!!!!

MaK said...

dios es el mismo en todas las religiones, todas las ocasiones... que los seres estemos en armonía es lo que necesitamos al menos un día, solo pido un día.... no más....

Chelle said...

grax a todozz! :D

prinz- ay si, totalmente de acuerdow. es mejor asi. un abrazo!

chef- es que, para que estar peleando todo el tiempo? nah! u have a nice day too!

flor- simplemente SER! esactus! estoy por escribir un post sobre la juzgadera... un hug igual de grande!

mak- asi es, es solo UNO. y para lo que pides, cada kien tiene k poner su granito de arena... por eso la frase "La paz mundial se logra a traves de la paz individual."