Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Come to Saturday's Party!

Yeah, bonche this weekend! Well, there's bonches every weekend, but this one is... special. Why? Maybe cus I'll be singing... and belly dancing... or maybe because I will be singing "Oh Holy Night", which is such a beautiful song. The cellist and I are in love with it. And so is AnaT, who kept singing it last night over and over. Hey, it's a X-mas party, so there oughta be some holiday music. Oops, that's part of a surprise- the ppl don't know about it, so I shouldn't be posting it... Ok, I won't post about the other surprises. :D

Nah, but you know, even if the artist part is cool, I mean, I gotta say, I love the performing, there's more that makes this a highlighted occasion for me... Maybe it's that it's my yoga center's party... or that we all volunteer in its organization with love and detachment and disinterest... or maybe it's cus yoga represents such a big, positive addition to my life... Maybe it's because of what I've learned at that center, helping me begin to see what being happy means and feels like... and all that it will continue helping me with... or maybe it's because of the yummy vegetarian X-mas dinner... or maybe it's simply because we always have so much fun with sooo many types of ppl mixed together in one place. Or all of the above.

The stuff I write about... you think I make it up?

Recuerden que estan bienvenidos. Aki esta la invitacion, y aqui una pequeña descripcion.

I would really like to see u guys there, and I wish I could explain the coolnezz of it all... the difference between how I used to live and feel before, and how I do now... I can do the same things I used to, and I can enjoy them even more. It's really something else.


Siouxsie said...

Oh man, I wish i was there!

Chelle said...

que funny!

al mismo tiempo commenting in each other's blogs...

no te apures, haremos algo cuando vengas :D

dirat said...

quiero decirte que te he estado leyendo, pero que el beta_el bendito beta- no me dejaba, hasta hoy, comentarte. esta bien esa actividad. me gustaria verte cantando, voy a ver que hago para esta alla.
cuidate mucho.
Un pacifico abrazo.

Agus said...

Me too, me too...remember it all, so that you can retell it to me.

It's been a while, I know, but I'm back.

Love ya,
See u soon,

Chelle said...

dir- wowww! cuanto tiempo! me preguntaba donde estabas, jeje. pos mucho gusto en verte de nuevo y aun mas que puedas ir el sabado. nos vemos alla, si dios quiere! y re-bienvenido eres por aki :D

ags- yeah, girl, u took a vacation, hehe. don't worry, i'm taking mine pretty soon so i will see ya! i should remember to take the camera this time, pa la 2 cosa... :P

Chelle said...

dir- y tu blog? ya esta?

caminante said...

Chelle: espero que para nosotros que estamos lejos. nos ponga algunas fotos del evento. LOL. si estuviera en Dom. Rep. no me lo perderia por nada del mundo.

Solo te deseo suerte, aunque se que no la necesitas.

Alex Rodriguez. said...

Did you say belly dancing?

Chelle said...

cam- grathiash! si, tengo ke recordar llevar mi camara!

mich- ja, dejaste el comment en la invitacion, jeje. siii, lo recuerdo, y espero verte alla! :D

al- i DID! :P