Thursday, February 22, 2007

Always Forever

Walking on a cloud, sipping on strawberry extract
Challenges embracing me, and I embracing them
It could get heavy. And I'm on a cloud.
Will I fall through and down below?
I think not. Something keeps me up.
Inside. And I've found that this, from inside, whatever it is
Holds me up stronger than any external form of support.
It's strange because it cannot be seen. But it can definitely be felt.
And known. And you can only get it by knowing yourself better.
I marvel at it, even though I cannot fully understand it.
But I know it is somehow connected to the truth. To my truth.
The more truthful I am, the more it grows, and the lighter I am on my cloud.


Mich said...

un abrazo giGaNtE


Chelle said...

hey uuu,

hope ur doing well :D