Friday, June 29, 2007

And I Keep Going and Going and Going and...

Working on yourself seems like a neverending story... But it is better to go through lots of trouble because you're making a better life for you inside first (and out, by default), than to suffer because you're stuck making the same mistakes over and over, or getting worse.

It takes the same amount of energy to gain your heaven or hell, so, duh, what should I use it for?


Fidel said...

There's a song that goes
The terrible thing about hell
Is that when you're there you can't even tell
As you move through this life you love so
You could be there and not even know

Sometimes we aren't even aware of the harm we are experiencing or are creating for ourselves, because we think so fast.
Help can be obtained by meditation though. Yoga, for example, helps slow the things that swoop through, giving one more of a chance to see what's really happening.

Chelle said...

that's true... that's why i disagree with "ignorance is bliss", it's not, it's suffering.

and oh yeah, yoga has helped me immensely... i'm in such a different place now... and to know that there's still more to learn...