Thursday, August 23, 2007

Stop Wasting Your Time and Do Something Productive

This is very good advice. He doesn't know how useful. Sometimes it's easier to stall, to wait, to procrastinate... although that only makes things harder! How do we not realize that more often? How do I not hear a loud and clear "DUH, THAT MAKES IT WORSE" whenever I contemplate the possibility of lingering in non-realization? I've got to stop wasting so much of my time and do more useful "somethings".


Haz said...

I realized that yesterday...I've spent past weeks being mad over what was wrong with me, and those around me. But yesterday, I found myself crying over stupid things, I found myself wasting time, which I could be spending in having fun with friends/family or doing something useful like u wrote on ur post :).

sandy rae! said...

Hi! I am back, but even though that makes it sound truly true true, life is not a sitcom.

Chelle said...

haz- i know, eso me lo dijo un amigo en estos dias. me acuerda a una frase que dice mi instructora de yoga "que lo que no puedas hacer no impida lo que si puedas hacer" :)

sand- it is not meant to be, we simply do the best we can with each moment. :)