Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Simple Things

What are big things made of? It's the little things. What is one day made of? It's the minutes and seconds, the moments... What is huge success made of? It's the getting done of the small tasks that get you there.

Sometimes we carry too much weight on our shoulders, complicating the view, thinking we need to do it all now, to work as if it's too big to achieve, as if there's not enough time to do everything we'd like to make "it" happen... but let's remember the quote about the journey instead of the destination. It's the instances, the small stuff, the simple things and living fully in the present, that's what we need to savor in order to really live. The rest will come as a result.


Emilia said...

just excellente!

Chelle said...

jeje, en eso pensaba ayer, ke tenia k tomar eso en cuenta. :)