Monday, November 26, 2007

The Problem Is Not That We Have Problems

We will, and that's that. The problem comes when we want to think we don't.

The idea is not to erradicate them- imperfect as we are, it is only natural that we will create imperfection now and then. The point is that each time we learn how to deal with them better.

Anyway, how can you tell if a sailor is good if he only sails on calm seas?


anaTe said...

I have told you many times... I LOVE your blog. (la ultima foto de tu profile me parece la mas linda de todas).. see ya :)

Mattias Alou said...

Y entonces que te puedo decir?......No se cual seria el problema!!!!!!!!!

Sandy Rae! said...

The problem is that your problems can only be solved by applying your philosophy to yourself! Not the rest of the world. Consider yourself lucky your problems can be solved with yoga!

alfonso said...

mierda un post en español, digo, el que está antes de este...

vieja...en este no toy de acuerdo.

Mich said...

Question: "problemas"?
Answer: enseñanzas

y de éstas sacamos lo sgte:
- tácticas para enfrentar y "resolver"
- experiencias para seguir aprendiendo

\/ & blessings!

Mich said...

Keep Working :)

Chelle said...

an- :) thanks! :)

mat- jejeje, si, como que es mas la manera en que lo vemos.

sand- you know you don't have to like my blog or the way i think. if you don't like what you read here, do yourself a favor and don't read it. :) there's no point in making yourself read a bunch of stuff that gets on your nerves.

and yes, i choose to apply yoga philosophy in my life and i am grateful for that. we can make the problems we have much worse, or we can focus on solving them and making things better for ourselves. i can't make the rest of the world apply it, and i don't want to because everyone else is free to do what they please. i can only choose that for me and that has nothing to do with you or anyone else. why should that be a problem to you? we are free to choose how we think and what we read and how we live.

you can choose otherwise and that's totally respectable and correct. it's your life.

alf- lol, si, de vez en cuando, jeje. and it's ok, you don't have to be, cada quien is quien es y eso esta bien! :)

mich- esacto, we always learn, we always grow, so next time we can do it better. V & ♥!