Monday, May 19, 2008

When You Don't Like Something But You Gotta Do It Anyway

Offering resistance will only make it worse. If I already know I have to do it anyway, I might as well make it pleasant for myself, and find a way to enjoy life regardless of that which I must go through whether I want to or not.
I can do something I don't like while whining and cursing and making it a horrible experience, or I can do something I don't like while connecting with that part of me that has a million reasons to be happy and grateful to life and know that I'm consciously making it better for myself and that this, like anything else, will pass. (And that God is bigger than everything.)
I hum the Jeopardy tune in my head and I wonder, which will it be?

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DebonaireBillionaire said...

i havent stopped by in a while... espero que todo este' bien contigo...