Sunday, January 17, 2010

Get Moving

Everything begins with a thought. What you think about, you eventually speak about, and what you speak about, you eventually act out.

"Eventually", though, can be shorter or longer depending on your determination, will, and self control.

You see, it is very easy for our bodies to feel lazy or tired or want something that's easy or pleasurable over the work that must be done. It is also easy for our minds to go off into vacation mode and occupy our mental stream with many thoughts other than what we truly wish to accomplish, what must really get done.

Time passes, and the goals we had stay behind- with enough time for us to have accomplished those 10 times and maybe more if we were more focused.

Why is this? For one, what brings us pleasure is usually more attractive than what is right, and this is where many of us fall. We choose what feels good over what actually is good, what is convenient to our personal growth.

What if we started practicing the opposite? Each time we're faced with our options of what to do, we can ask ourselves: which is more attractive because it makes me feel good, and which is more convenient for my development? Make the correct choice.

It takes practice, but look at it this way, simply thinking or saying you want to accomplish something doesn't get it done. You have to convert those intentions into action.

"Well done is better than well said." -Benjamin Franklin


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