Friday, November 04, 2011

Make It Mean It, Make It Worth It

There is usually a very good reason behind an ocurrence. We might not be able to decipher it at the very moment of the experience, but sooner or later, as we are walking down the path, something clicks and we begin to see beyond appearance. The puzzle pieces fall seamlessly into place without much effort. We no longer notice separate stars but one big dipper. Until that aha moment occurs though, it's all just a bunch of disconnected dots.

Whether or not we understand why something has happened, there is no reason for any experience to be useless. During friendly times or trying hardship, smooth sailing or steep rock climbing, each moment includes, at minimum, an example, a lesson, something we can learn. Those which are hard to grasp and swallow are usually the most important. Let's face it, anyone can conquer a winning title if the road is obstacle free. It is through those apparent falls and failures that our mental muscles are strengthened and we are given the opportunity to make a masterpiece out of the scattered broken pieces.

It has taken geniuses years of attempts to perfect a discipline and make a worthwhile contribution. But if someone like Thomas Edison would have given up because they simply did not understand why they did not get it right the first time, they wouldn't have discovered the key piece of information that allows your screen to be lit up right now.

So, what will it be? Will you passively sit and wait until everything makes sense, or will you actively get involved and make sense out of everything?


Anonymous said...

I like your thoughts and way of writing! Keep it up! :-)

Chelle said...

Thank you so much! xo