Monday, February 20, 2012

An Inner Place

In the midst of distraction, outward noise and competing attention grabbers, a part of yourself remains untouched. It is that space in which you become the observer, the fascinated spectator of all that whirls and dances about you. Things coming together, bubbles burst by confusion, tearful parting and joyful reuniting all mingled with the to and fro of cold and heat, of night and day, of stillness and motion. Yet no matter how troubled the outer puzzle seems to be, or how profound expressed smiles brightly glisten, at your core there is only peace, there is disconnected connection, there is a unity with all of that which touches you but does not get to you. It is there where you find the ability to retreat, to put on pause that which so wraps you into thinking that all of that is truly life. 

In that unspoken nonphysical location, you are free from the chains of routine, unmasked from the theater of social, completely unarmed and incapable of being harmed. It is in that personal place where you admit things you had firmly turned your back on, where you stare with wonder and innocent curiosity at new and marvelous opportunity, where you unroll your canvas and paint a new life, a new earth, a new you- but all the time drawing from a deeper realer you.

When you are there, no one can see you, yet you are a front row witness of it all- the birthing of stars, the sparks of insights, the igniting of flames, the release of the no longer needed. It is there where you say goodbye to previous ways of seeing. It is there where you decide you will soak it all in like a beginner. It is there where you are everything you are meant to be and more. It is from there that you draw your renewed strength. It is from there that you regain your misplaced courage. It is from there that you recover the sense of your true essence. And that makes you think, and that makes you feel, and that makes you know that you do not believe the show that has been veiling you. Your posture realigns as a current ascends through your spine and an all seeing trust permeates your every cell. 

And you are ready.


Simply KaySea said...

True peace lies in that balance of mind, that state of mind that you've just written about. You are with everyone, yet you are in absolute silence inside.

Well written!

Anonymous said...

I am so lazy at times, despite the fact that i have been reading your blog for sometime now I have not made a comment til now, just wanted to say im loving it!

Mollie Player said...

Love the law of attraction! If you have a law of attraction story, I'd love for you to share it on my blog (with a link back to your site). Let me know!

Jason Sandlin said...

Amazing! Just past the shadow is where I hide. The inner place that my thoughts and writing of my own come from. You have perfectly descibed where I love to be alone and with everybody all in one breath.

Sadiq Al Balushi said...

worth reading every word. nice blog keep it up.