Thursday, December 20, 2012

I See Myself In You

Oftentimes we are sidetracked by feelings of inadequacy, lack of self confidence, fear of the unknown, avoidance of hurt and a sense that we have not a clue of why we are really here and where we are going. We feel alone in the world, our pains make our hearts falter in the privacy of our solitude and we think we are disconnected, like somehow our trials are the gravest and it would take too many words to explain, so although there may be glimpses of connection, we doubt that anyone will really, truly understand. We bravely wear our smiles and make it through each day as we wish that someday we will know lasting happiness, however elusive it seems with the flow of continuous change and disappointment. In our self-centered preoccupation we fail to realize one thing: we are never alone.

No matter how legitimate our pain feels, how many times our trust is betrayed, or how many of our precious illusions are broken, every person you encounter also has their story. They too experience a constant back and forth of joy and sadness, accomplished goals and vanished dreams. They long for that day when everything will be alright, when someone will just finally get them, when they will not be weighed down by worry or frozen by fear, when they will say I love you at the right time and offer peace instead of harshness, for that period in their lives when everything will feel in order and love-filled carefreeness can finally permanently reign. We are simply too quick to assume that the display of courage showing their efforts to laugh and make it through the moment are evidence of how well they've got it together, how easy they have it or how they're somehow better off. But are they really? Or are they just trying harder to get there?

Next time you think about someone, make eye contact, have a conversation or can help another with a favor, remember that we are more alike than we realize and each person you encounter is a mirror of what you are going through right now. As you become more compassionate and patient with your own growth, you will be able to see this more clearly and bring down your walls. Be kind with your process though, so that you may extend a loving hand.

Let us become more aware of our similarity, as we gradually replace alienation with inclusiveness, judgment with acceptance, doubt with belief, and fear with love.



Ms. Bloggy said...

This posting is very uplifting.

Adel said...

Very well said, yes everyone experience the same pain that we have so all we have to do is embrace it, stop complaining and do our jobs gracefully, nice post and very positive!

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Ruben Garcia said...

Hermosas palabras, que expresan
grandes verdades.

En momentos de dolor a mí me sirve el budismo.

Enhorabuena por tu blog

I HEARD YOU said...

You have a really nice blog:) It's just something I was looking for.
But if you don't mind can I ask you Why do you have photo of a 'saint' on your page?

Roshnai. said...

You express even the simplest thoughts in this post here with finesse. Lovely!

Jason Sandlin said...

Very well said. It seems people tend to lose focus in this world.

Adriana Hernandez said...

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