Monday, February 24, 2014

That One Fine Day

Some days are gray
Filled with undecipherable labyrinths
Surrounded by locked iron doors
Armed with multiple and simultaneous attacks
Sadness, anger, confusion, weakness and hopelessness

You are frustrated by that which you cannot change
Annoyed by what seems obvious to you
And is ignored by lots
You realize that you are better off just letting go
But you don't want to be one more of the many

So you question, you wonder, you doubt
But sentences are not enough
You seek something larger, deeper, fuller
A certainty beyond words
A calm bigger and stronger than the scariest sea
A joy that vanishes all sorrow

You fall and you rise and you wait and you search
And then there comes that one day
That one day armed with peace, compassion, hope and glee
When you realize that letting go is far from giving up
But by releasing your grip you are allowing life to flow

That one and powerful turning point of a day
When you know that there are people worth our time
That you help more by loving
And you ease things by trusting
And you need not have control of what does not belong to you

That empowering and inner sunny day
When you sense all is dancing to a higher music 
Of forces that yet remain unseen
When you feel as big as everything that exists
And know that you are one together and never one alone

That day when you know every thought you emit
Affects your every atom and all other existing and potential ones
Are also reached and altered
When you realize your responsibility in adding or subtracting
When you cannot blindly carry on without making a choice
Without taking a stand
Without kindness in your hands

That day when you know which side you want to speak for
Which kind of love you want to fight for
Which kind of life you want to live
Which kind of world you want to save
That day in which you know you will never be the same
That day you just know you won't be silent anymore
Because something big in you has grown tired of being dormant

Wake up and smell the army
Let's make the Earth shine bright
No more wasting time.


Jason Sandlin said...

I love this! your words are beautiful.

Chelle said...

Thank you Jason! I hope you're having a great day.