Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Better Life for the New Year

It's amazing how we humans know so many things- what's healthy and good for us, what's convenient and moderate, what is sane and nourishing, what is loving and caring- for ourselves and others. Yet we reiterate in choosing what goes against our nature. Our sleeping cycles, the foods we eat, the hours in which we eat, working for hours straight without resting, stressing ourselves with loud and noisy music, surrounding ourselves with the wrong types of people, repeating the same known mistakes time and again, and the worst: treating ourselves without respect. 

I think we need to review many of the things we do, the choices we make- because we are not helpless about the way we treat ourselves, we are the ones who decide this in the first place. So I hope that now, in 2005, many of us will choose to change at least some little things, even if it is simply the way we speak to ourselves in our minds. We need to learn to treat us better, and this starts inside each one of us. If you want for someone to lend you a hand, take a look at what you have at the end of your arms.

Bless you.

Peace, Love, Truth, Harmony

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